Friday, April 6, 2012

Features I love

I know 2013 software just came out, but unless you are the office CAD/BIM/IT guy, it will probably be a couple months before you get to use it.  Having recently started using 2012 (due to a change in jobs) I thought I would take the moment and point out some features that I really enjoy about the software that improves my productivity and workability.  Some are new, some aren't but are still convenient.

I haven't been one of the lucky chosen ones to get my hands on 2013 but I'm sure, as there is with every new release of Revit, a few features that have been on the wish list for a while and some others which will make life a bit easier and more fun.  There were a few in 2012 that are nice and I appreciate.

I'll be doing a short blurb about the following issues over the next week, so come back and check!
Features I love:
- Hide at scales coarser than
- Re-align origin
- Propegate Extents
- Apply Default view template